10 Expert Kitchen Design Tips in 2024 [Do & Don't]


The kitchen is the heart of a family, serving a great role in life on a daily basis. It’s a place where family members are supposed to gather, communicate, and eat tasty food. Therefore, giving a lot of attention to the kitchen design is specifically important. This guide will offer ten expert tips for kitchen design that will help you create a stylish, ergonomic, and durable kitchen. Whether you do remodeling or just start the construction of a kitchen, these tips will surely secure your kitchen to be stylish but practical as well.

6 Kitchen Design Tips You Should Follow

Some kitchen design ideas are timeless, and following them will make your kitchen more durable. Here are 6 such kitchen tips you need to follow:

1. Plan the Kitchen Work Triangle

The kitchen work triangle is a time-tested concept in kitchen design that maximizes the use of space. A working triangle is when the sink, stove, and refrigerator are positioned in a triangle shape, with each side between 4 and 9 feet. Such a triangle can reduce unnecessary movement during cooking and during food preparation. By the way, if you don’t know what kind of triangle it is, you can check and implement it in 2D CAD Software in advance.

2. Ensure Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is a seemingly small but important thing. It’s not just a lighting problem, it also affects your cooking mood and the beauty of your food. For example, during the day, if your windows are large enough to receive more natural light, you’ll be in a better mood and food will look tastier in natural light. At night, if your lights are bright and atmospheric, you will feel the same as during the day.

3. Use Bold Colors

Light colors are not always suitable for kitchens, although they are popular. A bold color like red or green blue will give your kitchen the finishing touch. Therefore, you can boldly customize the colors in the kitchen according to your own preferences and beauty without being cautious. For example, use colored chairs, appliances, cabinets, etc. But one thing to note is that bold colors should be balanced with other colors, otherwise they will look very abrupt.

4. Add Practical Appliance

Choosing the right appliances for your kitchen is very important as it can determine the aesthetics of your kitchen. If there are too many appliances, your kitchen will look cluttered and unsightly. If your appliance is too big, it won’t fit in the kitchen. So you need to choose practical, right-sized appliances and plan before buying. In addition, planning the location of electrical appliances is also important, and you can consult professionals in this regard.

5. Include a Kitchen Island

Choosing a kitchen island design is a great way to add food preparation space and storage space to your kitchen. Additionally, it also can become the focal point of the house, creating space for people to gather, communicate, and socialize. When planning a kitchen island, consider the size, shape, and functionality that best suits your needs. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 36 inches of clearance between the island and surrounding counters.

6. Select Durable Materials

The kitchen is the most frequently used place in a house and also the place with the most oil pollution. Therefore, when choosing materials for kitchen decoration, the first consideration must be durability, especially for countertops and floors. For countertop materials, it is recommended to use quartz, granite, etc. They can provide a longer service life and are available in various colors. For flooring, consider tile, hardwood or laminate, which are better looking, more durable and waterproof.

4 Kitchen Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

In addition to following some professional design tips that are timeless, you also need to know what to avoid to save you time, money, and some frustration.

Work Without Professional Assistance

Designing or building a kitchen is quite a daunting task, and professional help is something one should never miss when undertaking the process. True, it seems more cost-effective to handle everything on your own, but a professional designer offers a load of experience and can anticipate different probable problems, suggesting creative solutions. They can ensure the optimization of space, choose good materials, and make sure that everything within your kitchen works in harmony. Additionally, professionals are skilled in using kitchen design software to more accurately realize your vision.

Go to Trendy

It’s okay to pursue fashionable kitchen design. After all, it will make your kitchen look trendy and personalized, but you shouldn’t pursue fashion too much and blindly follow the trend. If the fashion design you adopt is too avant-garde and overdone, it will make other people confused and think it is vulgar. And you may hate this design yourself over time. So in your kitchen design, you have to balance the two elements of fashion and practicality, which will make your kitchen design classic and timeless.

Ignore Storage Space

Many people overlook storage space when designing or building a kitchen, only to regret it later. Because the kitchen looks very messy. Therefore, it is necessary to plan the storage space of the kitchen when designing the kitchen. For example, you can place more storage cabinets and shelves to accommodate your tableware, appliances, and sundries. In addition to this, the location of the storage cabinets and what will be stored there also need to be considered. For example, frequently used items or tools should be easy to access.

Forget Proper Ventilation

We all know that when cooking in the kitchen, there will be heavy grease and an unpleasant smell, but some people still forget this when designing the kitchen, which is not advisable. Be sure to pay attention to ventilation, as good ventilation can reduce unpleasant odors, smoke, and cooking heat. It is recommended to use high-quality range hoods and exhaust fans, etc., which can improve air quality and prevent grease accumulation, thus extending the service life of the kitchen.


Here are some expert kitchen design tips, including what to follow and what to avoid. By using these tips, you can make your kitchen more functional, beautiful, and timeless.