4 Services The Best Landscaping Companies Offer In Kissimmee


Are you lucky enough to own a home in the beautiful city of Kissimmee, Florida? Known for its gorgeous weather and proximity to Disney World, Kissimmee is a vibrant community with lush landscaping. If you are searching for a landscaping company to keep your outdoor areas well-kept and welcoming year-round, you’re in luck, as the area has plenty of professional companies to choose from.

Which services do these companies offer, and how do you choose the services you need? Here are four Kissimmee landscaping services you should be aware of. Continue reading the article below to learn more.

Mulch is a key component of your landscaping. It protects the soil from erosion, keeps weeds at bay, conserves water, and creates a visible barrier to keep gardening beds safe from mowers and other maintenance equipment. Kissimmee Landscaping Service can deliver and install various types of mulch, including large pine bark and mulch, in a variety of colors, including red, gold, and black. Which type is right for you? The right service will help you make the right decision.

Hardscaping includes any non-living parts of your landscape. It can incorporate large features like retaining walls and water features as well as small elements such as gravel, rock, and shells. A professional landscaping company can help you decide which hardscaping materials are right for your outdoor areas, deliver them to your home, and install them with precision and care.

What would Florida be without lush green hedges and their iconic palm trees? If your home currently does not have these features or if you’d like to add more, a professional landscaper can help. Not only do trees and hedges add to your landscape’s beauty and interest, but they also provide wind barriers and offer increased privacy. Palm trees and hedges are easy to maintain after they are installed, but if you’d like to delegate maintenance, a landscaping company can take care of this as well.

Is your lawn dry, has dead spots, or just needs a facelift? Kissimmee Landscaping services can till old sod and install new so that your lawn instantly looks lush and green. When old sod is tilled, weeds are killed with it, so you can start with a fresh landscape. Professional landscapers know that tilling rather than removing old sod is easier on your soil and adds natural compost, making it easier for your new sod to thrive. Your landscaping company can also install new topsoil if needed and create a maintenance plan to keep your lawn looking lush all year long.

Which landscaping services do you need to create your outdoor oasis? Reach out to Captain Jack Landscaping and talk to one of their experienced professionals. They can ask questions, listen to your needs, and recommend the perfect landscaping strategy to help you achieve your outdoor goals.


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