4 Things To Demystify Large Lighted Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


Who doesn’t like walking into a well-lit bathroom in the morning? A clean and well-lit space is such a mood-lifter. This is why most people install multiple lights in their bathrooms, along with a large, lighted, mirrored medicine cabinet that adds functionality and a beautiful love of aesthetics to the bathroom. These large medicine cabinets add to the space’s overall look and look best in elegant colours. For example, white medicine cabinets with mirrors and lights on the door look great.

But with great aesthetics, and functionality comes the challenge of maintenance. These large, lighted bathroom medicine cabinets look great, but to keep them in their ideal condition, it’s better to know how to keep the mist away. A little mist will ruin the entire look you had in mind while purchasing these large mirrored medicine cabinets. This article will explore four effective tips to defog these cabinets and ensure a crystal-clear mirror every time you look for your reflection.

  1. Ventilation 

It is important to maintain your bathroom space in a way that allows proper ventilation. Lack of venture action allows the moisture to build on surfaces and creates the perfect environment for the fog to linger, tarnishing the beauty of your overall setup. Not just the beauty of your bathroom but the lack of ventilation allows the smell to settle in, which can disrupt your mood early in the morning. To allow proper ventilation in your bathroom space, here are a few things that you can do:

Keep Windows Open

If your bathroom has windows, remember to open them after you shower. This will allow the natural air to flow in the bathroom and will control the humidity level in the bathroom. Natural ventilation should always be the first priority when you design and construct your space.

Install Exhaust Fan

If your bathroom lacks a window, an exhaust fan is a great alternative. An exhaust fan will remove extra moisture and smell from your bathroom and allow for a breathable space. Remember to turn the fan on after your shower so that it expects steam or moisture to build up after a shower.

Get A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can be a game changer, combatting moisture and humidity in the best possible way. A dehumidifier in your bathroom space will not only fight moisture but will also add to the overall aesthetics of your bathroom space. Buy a dehumidifier that complements the colour scheme and décor of your bathroom. For example, a white dehumidifier with a white-themed bathroom paired with white medicine cabinets will look great.

  1. Anti Fog Solutions

There is a huge demand for anti-fog products in the markets, and as a result, there are various anti-fog solutions as well. A lot of these solutions are cost-effective and effectively solve the problem. Here’s what you can do:

Anti Fog Spray

There are multiple anti-fog sprays available in the market that are designed specifically for bathroom mirrors. Apply a layer of this spray on your medicine cabinet mirror and wipe it off with a dry and clean cloth. Use this spray whenever you see the moisture buildup on the cabinet mirror.

Anti-Fog Films

Many anti-fog films are available in the market that can be easily cut to fit your large medicine cabinet mirror. These are the best solutions for fog as these films don’t require continuous cleaning or maintenance and require effort once when you coat them on the cabinet mirror.

  1. Adjust Temperature

Your bathroom temperature is the key to avoiding excess moisture and humidity resting on the surfaces. You can do a few things to control your bathroom temperature, a.k.a. the humidity.

Don’t Overheat The Bathroom

When taking a shower, try to keep the water temperature warm, not hot. Hot water will create enough steam to fog your entire bathroom, damaging every surface with which it can come in contact. Your mirrored medicine cabinet will get the most damage as the moisture will rest on the mirror and can likely damage the cabinet material.

Use Cold Water In The End

Turn your shower temperature to a cold setting in the end to cool down the bathroom. A cold bathroom temperature will minimize the risk of fog developing on the mirror surface, reducing the risk of damage.

  1. Heated Mirror Pads

There are heated mirror pads available in the market that are specifically designed to be installed behind the bathroom mirror and gently heated to prevent mist. These pads are a more advanced and controlled solution to demystify mirrored cabinets.

Easy To Install

These heating pad pads are easy to install. You can make them a DIY project as they need nothing but simple attaching to the back of the mirrored door. They come with adhesive backing. All you need to do is to stick these pads right behind the mirrors, and voila! No more fog!

Low Energy Consumption

Good quality heating pads are energy efficient. They consume minimum energy and maintain a constant temperature that prevents mist and preserves energy. So, if you are someone who thinks about extra electricity bills on everything, these heating pads won’t make a difference to your electricity bills.


The majority of these heating pads come with a built-in thermostat that allows you to set your desired temperature. A thermostat works to heat the mirror only when needed, thus saving energy and optimizing energy consumption.

A large lighted mirrored medicine cabinet can be a great addition to your bathroom. It can serve as a perfect utility and enhance the look of the bathroom, especially if you take aesthetics very seriously. People who opt for lighted mirrored bathroom medicine cabinets, especially white medicine cabinets, are those who prefer a luxurious look in their bathrooms. However, a mist can take away that luxury look from your bathroom and can be challenging to deal with. Thus, when you decide upon a medicine cabinet with mirrors, be sure that you know well how to deal with the fog to keep your bathroom looking modern and well-maintained.