5 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating A House

Basic financial practices of house renovation. How to correctly calculate the cost of home renovation. Why you need to start renovation as soon as possible and 5 biggest mistakes to avoid.

You want to feel good for a long time in your house? Then you should think about a renovation or modernization. If you do it right, your home will soon be in perfect shape again.

Before proceeding with the repair of the apartment, you need to calculate its value in order to properly plan future expenses. The totality of expenses consists of a very large number of components, unless, of course, capital modern work is planned using high-quality materials.

Here are five financial mistakes that can not only be annoying but also very expensive.

To plan too much own contribution

Are you one of the gifted hobby handymen? Then beware that you do not overburden yourself! Also, you should not overestimate the time you can spend on the renovation. For a renovation parallel to the normal working life is very exhausting. Attention is also paid to relevant renovation programs on television. The “tips” that you get there are not necessarily flat rate. You should plan your personal performance individually, carefully and realistically, consult experts at a suitable location and above all not accept. You can find good information about house renovation on HomemakerGuide.

Even as an experienced handyman with a wealth of basic knowledge, construction engineers and architects are miles ahead of you. Of course, adding such professionals increases your expenses. In the long term, however, there is considerable potential for savings behind professional advice. Because wrongly positioned light switches and similar mishaps are ultimately much more expensive. Basically, you should critically examine some things before starting the renovation or modernization.

Renovate without supervision

Planning is the alpha and omega of home renovation and modernization. Because without expert construction planning, it can easily come to annoying errors and expensive omissions. If you install new windows in a poorly insulated house, you may soon have a mold problem. Anyone who puts the light switches in the wrong places gets annoyed every time he reaches into the void in vain. It is, therefore, worthwhile to consult an architect or civil engineer and to use his expertise for construction supervision. In addition, these people can give you tips on which craftsmen work well, reliably and at fair prices. The additional costs pay off quickly: through lower costs for craftsmen and considerable savings in later energy consumption.

Wait too long with renovation or modernization

High-interest rates and a rapid increase in prices can quickly turn a renovation into an expensive pleasure. Therefore, it is worthwhile not to put your modernization project on the back burner: in the current low-interest phase, building loans are still cheap. The same applies to construction work and building materials they will not be cheaper in the future, but on the contrary, will be significantly more expensive. Therefore, be active before the interest and prices gallop away!

Insufficient insulation

In principle, first, ensure good insulation and, if necessary, renew the heating. Well, insulated windows and walls will save you energy costs. It is also worth thinking about triple glazing instead of double glazing, eliminating thermal bridges, and selecting an insulating layer of sufficient thickness for the roof that has not been removed.

By the way: The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control subsidizes energy advice for private individuals. A qualified energy consultant then looks at your home, draws up a catalog of measures and presents you with funding that is suitable for you.

No holistic planning

Hand on heart: Do you feel like living for years on a construction site? If you take only a few measures over a longer period of time, that’s easy. Often, individual measures are randomly pieced together, just as your own account balance allows. Sometimes the roof is insulated, sometimes the floors are renewed, then the living room is papered and eventually, new sockets are added.

Nothing fits together here, many works have to be doubled, and valuable time is spent in a property that is only partially habitable. That does not have to be! It is much better to coordinate all the necessary measures and to tackle them quickly. With a credit that fits individually to your personal wealth and income situation, you succeed easily.

Ideally, you should enjoy life for a lifetime. Therefore, be careful that when renovating you just do not ignore your own needs. If you are sensitive to noise, an additional impact sound insulation provides you with a higher level of living comfort. Disability or age-related restrictions will make life easier for you with a floor-level shower, the removal of thresholds, a suitable visual mark on the steps or a wheelchair-accessible vanity unit. If you take that into account in your upcoming upgrade, you may save yourself an expensive move later.

To calculate the cost of repairs, you can use the calculator online. This special application will be able to calculate the cost of work separately for each room, bathroom, balcony, loggia, kitchen, etc. Moreover, you only need to specify the area of the room.

In addition, you can clarify what finishing materials you want, possibly wishes for certain types of work. For example, a repair estimate calculator can help you calculate the work in the bathroom. The bathroom repair calculator will calculate the price of tiles for interior decoration, how much it will cost to lay, cladding, the cost of installing the pipe, etc.

If you are wondering about how to renovate your home you can look over these tips for best home renovation which will increase your home value.

Especially this service will be useful for those who are going to make major repairs. In this case, the premises are redeveloped and most often expensive materials and technologies are used.

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