5 Tips to Waterproof Your Bathroom

A 5-marla house in Lahore costs around 15 million rupees, and the last thing you want is crumbling walls due to water seeping through your bathroom, do you? This is why it is essential that you take care of all the things that can leak, and bathrooms are the top parts of the house that can cause water leaks and damage to the whole home.

This blog will explore the five tips you can use during house construction. Although any experienced house construction company in Lahore would know this, you must ensure they take it.

How to ensure your Bathroom is Waterproof?

Hire a Professional House Construction Firm

A professional house construction firm knows what can go wrong during construction. This is why you should not cut corners at this stage. Hiring an architectural firm in Lahore is a challenge, but you must always find someone with at least 10 projects under their belt. They would know the importance of bathroom waterproofing and thus will spend more time waterproofing it for lasting strength.

Say No to Cheap Materials

You can save a few bucks by purchasing a cheap waterproofing material, but it will put your 15 million rupee home at stake. Spending on quality waterproofing material will ensure that your bathroom is not at stake even after 30 years. In Pakistan, you can use waterproofing materials developed by major and leading manufacturers like ICICI, Master and others with decades of experience in the field.

Pay Attention to Small Cracks and Joints

Everything can break, and waterproofing materials are no exception. This can happen even with high-grade material or if you have not hired a professional. That is why you should always check for cracks and monitor the bathroom tiles for minor damages from where water can seep through. You can either do it yourself annually or hire a professional interior design services provider in Lahore to inspect all the elements in the house that need repair.

Double Check Bathroom Floor Tiles

The floor tiles are one of the most used and thus a steak part of a bathroom. It experiences the most diverse conditions, from constant water to acids and other chemicals. This can cause wear and tear and is the leading cause of waterproofing damage. This is why you should always use the best tiles that can withstand all these harsh conditions for years. Also, change them whenever necessary to avoid putting the whole house at stake.

Use Fewer Joints In Pipe Fitting

Straight pipes with no joints have next to zero percent chance of leaking which is why you should have minimum ends and joints in your plumbing work. The use of high-quality pipes and joint material will also make a lot of difference in the long run.

This can be ensured by hiring the services of an experienced plumber who can design piping that is straight yet functional with fewer joints.


After reading this blog you must have got a clear idea of what’s drill. You can not leave a bathroom as just another part of the design. Usually, it is the part from where the wrought structure starts and it must be plugged in earlier to save your beautiful home.

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