6 Tips to Help You Maintain Your Perfect Driveway

While talking about the maintenance of houses, we often ignore the most used areas in the property – the driveways. If you have one or more vehicles at home, you may need to take good care of the driveway to ensure it has a longer life and an attractive appearance. Also, regular maintenance can help you avoid expensive repairs. Here are a few tips that can help you maintain your driveway.

1. Minimise water on the driveway:

A majority of the driveways are made of asphalt and concrete. So whenever there is water on the driveway, it can cause damage to the surface. Nowadays, there are a number of alternatives available for the driveway materials. There are several companies such as Stone Set, that offer permeable paving solutions to solve the water problem. However, if you want to stick to the concrete driveway, clear a 2-3-inch strip around the edges of the driveway so that the water can run off and reduce the chances of penetrating the surface.

2. Prevent cracks:

If you have an asphalt driveway, you need to seal it every few years to prevent water from penetrating, freezing, and cracking the surface. For concrete driveways, sealing needs to be done every year. Also, you need to make sure there are no trees or shrubs nearby, as their roots can cause cracks by pushing up the surface from underneath. If there are any trees nearby, you need to trim away their roots.

3. Fill the cracks:

In case cracks or holes appear on your driveway, you need to fill them immediately. At first, remove the loose materials and brush out the debris. Then, apply the crack filler and patching compound. Once the compound is dry, you need to seal the entire driveway. This will help you smoothen your driveway and prevent guests from tripping when they visit your home.

4. Take care of the edges:

There are several downsides to owning a car. Speaking of the disadvantages, the edges of your driveway may chip away under the excessive weight of your car. If you park your cars or trucks on the driveway, try to keep them away from the edges. Also, when guests arrive, you need to personally make sure that they are not parking near the edges. This practice may look a little over the top to some people, but if you want to protect the edges of your driveway, you need to make the necessary choices.

5. Clean the driveway:

Apart from preventing and repairing cracks and holes, you also need to take care of the stains and dirt that negatively impact the appearance of your driveway. Motor oil and other chemicals leaked from vehicles can do some irreversible damage to your driveway. Those fluids can penetrate the concrete surface and also can soften asphalt. You need to use materials that can absorb fresh oil from the surface; non-clumping kitty litter is a good choice. You also need to remove the stains using dishwashing detergent and warm water. If the stains are there for several days, you may need to scrub the surface using biodegradable cleaners.

6. Get professional help:

Even though you are extremely careful about the maintenance of your driveway, you may still require professional assistance. If your driveway is sinking at a certain portion or there are several layers of dirt and stains on it, expert personnel can take care of it for you. From levelling your driveway using PU foam spray to pressure washing the surface – the professionals can make your driveway look as good as new. However, do check the reviews before hiring a team of professionals.


Repairing or re-installing driveways can be quite expensive. Thus, it makes more sense to maintain your driveways with some effective measures. Most of the tips mentioned above do not cost you much. Also, once you get started with the process, it can turn into a hobby. To some people, driveway cleaning and maintenance seem therapeutic.