65+ Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas That You’ll Love

As you drive back home from work along your usual route through the neighborhood, you spot something special: the first house all decked out in dazzling Christmas lights. Soon, more houses start joining in, lighting up with festive displays. Want to join the fun? We’ve got 65+ outdoor Christmas light ideas to get your creativity flowing!

All it takes is a few strings of lights here and there to spread that Christmas cheer! Decorating your home’s exterior for the holidays can be a blast, and we’re here to help you choose your favorite way to do it! Sometimes, keeping it simple with just the right amount of light can create a calming vibe. Other times, it’s totally cool to go all out and make it as exciting as possible—there are loads of choices!

1. Icicle Lights

Icicle LightsIcicle Lights

Outshine your neighbors with these cool “icicle lights”! The Christmas lights outdoors have this captivating effect with their smooth, moving patterns that’ll catch your eye.

2. Pattern Christmas Projector

Pattern Christmas ProjectorPattern Christmas Projector

Finding a projector light is something unique. For less money, you’ll snag 12 different light patterns covering various holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and even St. Patrick’s Day.

3. LED Birch Tree

LED Birch TreeLED Birch Tree

This stunning fake tree will stand tall in your yard. It’s decked out with hundreds of warm white LED Christmas lights outdoors that can light up the darkest winter night beautifully.

4. Twinkling LED Willow Tree

Twinkling LED Willow TreeTwinkling LED Willow Tree

You can choose these unique Christmas outdoor lights of twinkling willow trees to leave a lasting impression!

5. Christmas Snowman Porch Light Covers

Christmas Snowman Porch Light CoversChristmas Snowman Porch Light Covers

This two-pack makes decorating your front porch super easy. Just slide the snowman covers onto your front porch lights, and there you go!

6. Colorful LED String Lights

Colorful LED String LightsColorful LED String Lights

These outdoor LED Christmas lights offer 16 colors to choose from and include a remote control and timer for effortless operation.

7. Net Lights

Net LightsNet Lights

Whether you place them over your shrubs or cover your roof like Clark Griswold, net lights are a must-have for everyone.

8. Cow String Lights

Cow String LightsCow String Lights

A country-style Christmas isn’t complete without a set of cow string lights. (Okay, no one actually said that, but we’re really excited about making cow lights a thing!)

9. Decorative Lit Chicken

Decorative Lit ChickenDecorative Lit Chicken

Absolutely you definitely need a glowing chicken to accompany your cow lights. We don’t make the rules, but it’s a must-have combo!

10. White Crystal Lights

White Crystal LightsWhite Crystal Lights

These outdoor lighted Christmas decorations with crystal-style bulbs give a touch more dimension than the smooth ones.

11. Holiday Colored Crystal Lights

Holiday Colored Crystal LightsHoliday Colored Crystal Lights

They also have a multi-colored version available!

12. Christmas Pathway Lights

Christmas Pathway LightsChristmas Pathway Lights

Kids will definitely have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads when they see these delicious outdoor Christmas lights ideas!

13. Christmas Pathway Lights

Christmas Pathway Lights outdoorChristmas Pathway Lights outdoor

You can also choose these vintage bulb-style outdoor Christmas lights ideas!

14. Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Entryway Set

Pre Lit Christmas Tree Entryway SetPre Lit Christmas Tree Entryway Set

You can get the whole pre-lit entryway set: two trees, a wreath, and a garland. Add some extra artificial branches for a bit more depth, and you’ll have the simplest and most affordable decorations in the neighborhood!

15. Vintage Lantern

Vintage LanternVintage Lantern

These lanterns run on batteries and will add charm to both the inside and outside of your home.

16. Solar Powered Colored Fairy Lights

Solar Powered Colored Fairy LightsSolar Powered Colored Fairy Lights

Here’s the magic: solar power. That’s it—no plugs, no batteries needed. These fairy lights are what make Christmas dreams come true.

17. Icicle Curtain Fairy Lights

Icicle Curtain Fairy LightsIcicle Curtain Fairy Lights

We think these curtain lights are the most magical Christmas lights we’ve found! Picture your next holiday party with these hanging from the porch ceiling.

18. Snowflakes Icicle Light Set

Snowflakes Icicle Light SetSnowflakes Icicle Light Set

These icicle lights covered in snowflakes have Elsa’s seal of approval!

19. Color Icicle Lights

Color Icicle LightsColor Icicle Lights

Color icicle outdoor Christmas lights ideas are always a good choice, too!

20. Star Icicle Lights

Star Icicle LightsStar Icicle Lights

These icicle lights will make your home the star of the show!

21. Copper Wire Twinkle Fairy Lights

Copper Wire Twinkle Fairy LightsCopper Wire Twinkle Fairy Lights

For outdoor Christmas lights, having ones that don’t need a plug is key. This waterproof set of “fairy-style” string lights fits the bill perfectly. Plus, you can set a timer to switch them on/off at specific times and tweak the brightness and glow.

22. Vintage Christmas Tree Lights

Vintage Christmas Tree LightsVintage Christmas Tree Lights

It’s like having a tiny snow globe in a Christmas light! We’re completely in love. Each strand holds bulbs with little trees and fake snow inside.

23. Disney Multicolor Christmas String Lights

Disney Multicolor Christmas String LightsDisney Multicolor Christmas String Lights

We’re totally in for the mix of Disney and Christmas!

24. Mini Crystal Lights

Mini Crystal LightsMini Crystal Lights

If those beautiful crystal-style bulbs are a bit too big for you, go for these mini crystal Christmas lights instead!

25. Candy Cane Path Lights

Candy Cane Path LightsCandy Cane Path Lights

We’ll definitely take a stroll down any path lit up by candy canes!

26. Light-up Rattan-Look Deer Family

Light up Rattan Look Deer FamilyLight up Rattan Look Deer Family

These trendy, pre-lit wicker-style reindeer are a steal for the whole family. That’s right—the entire reindeer crew. Get these for your family!

27. Light-up Rattan-Look Snowman

Light up Rattan Look SnowmanLight up Rattan Look Snowman

Naturally, your reindeer family needs a snowman buddy, too!

28. Snowflake String Lights

Snowflake String LightsSnowflake String Lights

These string lights filled with snowflakes are absolutely magical!

29. Firework Lights

Firework LightsFirework Lights

You can use these firework lights for various occasions year-round, like birthdays, the 4th of July, and more!

30. Pre-Lit Christmas Lamp Post

Pre Lit Christmas Lamp PostPre Lit Christmas Lamp Post

Does this pre-lit lamppost bring back some serious holiday nostalgia for anyone else, or is it just us?

31. Moravian Star Light

Moravian Star LightMoravian Star Light

We love this stylish Moravian star, too! It’s pre-lit and looks beautiful when you group them together!

32. Snoopy Outdoor Christmas Decor

Snoopy Outdoor Christmas DecorSnoopy Outdoor Christmas Decor

Get ready for Snoopy and the gang to take over your neighborhood this holiday season, starting with this adorable display!

33. Christmas Tape Lights

Christmas Tape LightsChristmas Tape Lights

Wrap these tape lights along the railing or place them along a walkway to give visiting friends and family some light as they stroll to admire your beautiful Christmas display.

34. Multicolor Christmas Tape Lights

Multicolor Christmas Tape LightsMulticolor Christmas Tape Lights

Naturally, there’s also a multicolor version available!

35. Snow Projector Light

Snow Projector LightSnow Projector Light

Even if you don’t live in a snowy wonderland, this projector light lets you pretend you do! Attach it to a wall to project onto the ground, or place it on the ground to project onto the outside wall of your home.

36. Wintry Pine Wreath Lights

Wintry Pine Wreath LightsWintry Pine Wreath Lights

Why settle for a regular wreath when you can have one that lights up? This one has red berries, “snowflakes,” and small pine cones, keeping it festive and lively.

37. Waterfall Christmas Tree Lights

Waterfall Christmas Tree LightsWaterfall Christmas Tree Lights

Hang these from your roofline, a tree, or a pole for a dazzling display that both you and your neighbors will adore. You can also see these Christmas tree.

38. A Frame Doe Lights

A Frame Doe LightsA Frame Doe Lights

Isn’t this little doe the cutest thing ever? The doe makes for a stunning, affordable stand-up decoration.

39. Fluffy Christmas Flamingo Light

Fluffy Christmas Flamingo LightFluffy Christmas Flamingo Light

If you’re in a tropical place or just adore flamingos, this Christmas decoration is a must-have for you!

40. Christmas Bell String Lights

Christmas Bell String LightsChristmas Bell String Lights

We absolutely love these bells—they’re the perfect blend of classic and playful!

41. Twinkle Star String Lights

Twinkle Star String LightsTwinkle Star String Lights

Step away from the usual Christmas lights and check out this star-string light set. It’s waterproof, so it can handle almost any weather without a problem!

42. Globe String Light

Globe String LightGlobe String Light

Change things up with these round Christmas lights instead of the usual ones. With an ideal length of 13 feet, they’ll brighten up porches of almost any size.

43. White Fairy Christmas Lights

White Fairy Christmas LightsWhite Fairy Christmas Lights

Grab these fairy-style Christmas lights—they have blunt bulbs and emit a soft, warm white glow that you’ll love. Plus, there are eight modes to choose from: “combination,” “in waves,” “sequential,” “slogs,” “flash,” “slow fade,” and “twinkle.”

44. Green Wire Christmas Lights

Green Wire Christmas LightsGreen Wire Christmas Lights

Wrap these straightforward Christmas lights around your porch rails to instantly create a winter wonderland. Plus, they’ve got fantastic reviews!

45. Clear White Wire Light Set

Clear White Wire Light SetClear White Wire Light Set

If you prefer the white wire, look over the green one; this light set is just what you need. It’d be perfect for a winter wedding as well!

46. Rainbow Lights

Rainbow LightsRainbow Lights

We adore the vibrant colors of these battery-operated lights. And the best part? No need for an extension cord—you can place them wherever you want!

47. Three-Piece Lighted Holiday Deer Family

Three Piece Lighted Holiday Deer FamilyThree Piece Lighted Holiday Deer Family

A Christmas scene isn’t complete without a few reindeer. This set includes three of them!

48. Paint It Red

Paint It RedPaint It Red

If you’re into a single-color theme, but white isn’t your style, pick a Christmas color like red and have fun with it! Try using red string lights on the trim of your house to kick it off.

49. Penguin Lights

Penguin LightsPenguin Lights

This cute light-up penguin is a perfect way to show your love for Christmas and winter!

50. Vintage Splendor

Vintage SplendorVintage Splendor

We absolutely love the stunning double strand of vintage lights, along with the matching wreath and garland! It’s one of our favorite looks this season!

51. Wrap the Porch Columns

Wrap the Porch ColumnsWrap the Porch Columns

Wrap chunky green garlands around the large columns on your front porch, tie them up with bright red bows, and add large, bright white string lights for a welcoming and festive glow. It’s even better if your front steps and porch are covered in a fresh pile of pristine white snow!

52. Light the Tree

Light the TreeLight the Tree

Got a small front porch and a big evergreen tree in the yard? Turn it into an outdoor Christmas tree! Decorate it with shiny ball ornaments and lots of colored lights. Shifting the focus to something closer to the road is a great way to spread holiday cheer to neighbors and people passing by, especially if your home is set back from the road.

53. Light the Picket Fence

Light the Picket FenceLight the Picket Fence

This old ranch house’s outdoor Christmas lighting isn’t just about the front porch. They’ve lit up the white picket fence with draped garlands tied with red ribbons and warm string lights. Plus, they’ve outlined the roofline with bright white string lights to add depth and dimension.

54. Light the Path

Light the PathLight the Path

When planning your outdoor holiday lights, consider your home’s design. Take this entrance, for example—it has a long path to the front door. They’ve decorated it with garlands and white lights tied with red bows. Walking to and from the front door feels like a special event for you and your holiday guests.

55. Light Both Stories

Light Both StoriesLight Both Stories

For Victorian-style homes with double porches, lighting the top-floor porch railing highlights the architecture and brightens the front. Start from the top and work your way down to the front door, steps, and yard for a balanced look.

56. Light the Roofline

Light the RooflineLight the Roofline

Highlight your home’s charming features with lighting, just like this Christmas cottage. They’ve emphasized the sloping fairytale roofline with white lights, adding dimension on snowy winter nights.

57. Light the Back Porch

Light the Back PorchLight the Back Porch

Outdoor Christmas lighting isn’t just for the front! If you’ve got a back porch or a private outdoor area, light it up for your own cozy celebrations. Take this porch, for example—they’ve used ceiling string lights, a bunch of glowing lanterns, and a standing candelabra that looks like it’s from a church to create a cozy spot for the season.

58. Light the Palm Trees

Light the Palm TreesLight the Palm Trees

Got palm trees in your front yard? Make a tropical Christmas vibe by wrapping their tall trunks with white lights. Scatter a lighted reindeer family around the yard and tie them with red bows. It’s a fun look that’s just the right amount of kitschy and will bring smiles to your neighbors’ faces instead of eye-rolls.

59. Deck It Out

Deck It OutDeck It Out

At this remote cabin, they use the big side deck that’s visible from the front to show off a huge glowing golden outdoor Christmas tree. They’ve also added a few small strands of red light on the stair railing leading up to the front porch for an extra touch.

60. Light the Ground

Light the GroundLight the Ground

If your front porch is narrow and deep, light it up from the ground for a cozy feel, just like this romantic front porch. They’ve placed candlelit lanterns on the porch floor by the entry to set the scene. In the middle, a mini Christmas tree adds some sparkle, while a lush garland draped around the double doors completes the look.

61. Light the Side Windows

Light the Side WindowsLight the Side Windows

The rustic log cabin looks like magic! Its snow-covered roof and every window, from the front to the side on both floors, are lit up for Christmas.

62. Light the Backyard

Light the BackyardLight the Backyard

In warm places like California with a big backyard and a pool, hanging rows of string bulb lights can transform your space. Stretch them across the width and see their reflection in the pool—it’s perfect for year-round entertaining and sets the scene for an outdoor Christmas party in December, just like this festively lit backyard.

63. Spell It Out

Spell It OutSpell It Out

We adore this JOY outdoor Christmas light—it’s an easy way to share holiday cheer with neighbors and people passing by. You can find a similar big JOY light online. Also, check for individual light letters to create your own personalized message!

64. Let the Interior Shine

Let the Interior ShineLet the Interior Shine

Outdoor Christmas lights look lovely, but they’re not always a must. Keep it simple by letting the warm glow from inside your home shine out through the windows, just like this house where the windows light up, showcasing wreaths on the outside.

65. Rattan Cone Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Rattan Cone Outdoor Christmas DecorationRattan Cone Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Impress your guests with these outdoor Christmas lights ideas that look just like Christmas trees. You’ll get a set of three for the price, perfect for placing around your front lawn, by the front door, or at the foot of your driveway.

66. Red and Green Color Scheme

Red and Green Color SchemeRed and Green Color Scheme

Want something classy but still full of Christmas vibes? Choose a red and green color scheme to show off that festive cheer without going overboard on lights. Try these green lights in your bushes for a magical look. Use string lights in the same color to highlight your roofline, and add a touch of hidden red backlighting for a beautiful contrast.

67. Traditional Lights

Traditional LightsTraditional Lights

If you’ve got the room, bring the Nativity Scene to your front yard! There’s something heartwarming about seeing it surrounded by lights—so inviting! If you already have the Nativity figures, use outdoor string lights to outline them. Or, go for a pre-lit Nativity scene for a quick and impactful Christmas setup. Add a fun twist to your traditional scene by including a light-up reindeer or two. Who says Rudolph can’t join the Nativity, too?

68. Silhouette Lights

Silhouette LightsSilhouette Lights

Ever considered using the night’s darkness to decorate your home? Grab some classic multi-colored rope lights to create your home’s silhouette. It’s a powerful look that’s quick to set up, and you can add more decorations later if you want. Just follow your home’s corners precisely with the rope lights for this style.


Outdoor Christmas lights ideas can be enjoyable and festive, but sometimes they can be puzzling, too. If you’re keen on decorating your home with outdoor lights for the holidays but don’t know where to begin, you’re in the right spot. Don’t stress about broken bulbs or not having enough extension cords this year.

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