7 Things Your Movers Want You To Know Before Moving Day

There is a lot of preparation and energy required for an important life change like moving to a new house. Hiring professional movers like https://www.cheapmoverssingapore.com/ is essential for making sure everything goes smoothly without any problems. Here are seven things your movers would like you to know before moving day so you can get the best use of their help and prevent frequent mistakes.

Accurate Inventory Lists Are Essential:

To ensure a smooth relocation, it is important to provide the movers with a comprehensive list of your belongings. From major pieces of furniture to tiny household things, this list should cover it all. If you provide the movers an exact list, they can more effectively plan your move by bringing the necessary vehicle and team members.

An exact estimate can be offered if you provide a list of items in advance. Unexpectedly heavy items or extra boxes on moving day may cause delays and even impose extra expenses. For this reason, having an extensive list is advantageous to both you as well as the moving company. https://www.cheapmoverssingapore.com/piano-furniture-safe-mover/ can handle even the bulky furniture and make your move smooth.

Proper Packing Saves Time and Money:

The key to a trouble-free relocation is careful packing. Although packing is a service that many movers provide, you always have the option of doing it yourself. When you’re on your own to pack, confirm that everything is safely packed and properly labelled. Pack your valuables carefully with strong boxes, bubble wrapping, and tape.

Put a label on each container indicating what’s inside and where it should go. Not only will this make unpacking a lot easier for you, but it also helps the moving crew know exactly where to put each box in the new home. Also, think about putting things like toiletries, an extra set of clothes, and some basic cooking utensils in an essentials box that you can use instantly when you get there.

Communicate Special Instructions Early:

Notify your movers before the date of your move if there are any specific needs or instructions you have. For example, your building management may have specific rules about how you are to handle precious or fragile objects, how to get through tight staircases, or how to handle other difficult access areas.

The movers will be more prepared to meet your specific needs if you explain your requirements clearly before they arrive. Also, it helps in avoiding confusion and any last-minute issues that can postpone your move.

Be Ready When Movers Arrive:

If you want the move to begin on time, make sure you’re completely ready before the movers come. Whatever you need to bring along must already be packed, marked, and prepared to go. If you’ve hired movers to pack your belongings, make sure they know exactly when to come and when to start working by outlining a detailed planning.

Remove any potential hazards from paths, secure any pets, and keep an eye on children. The movers will spend less time on-site and your moving expenses will go down if you are prepared when they come.

Prepare for Weather Conditions:

Your relocation day may be completely changed by the weather. You may not be able to change the weather, but you can be ready for it. Secure your belongings and the movers themselves from any approaching severe weather, such as heavy rain, snow, or extremely high temperatures.

Carry sheets and plastic wrap with you to cover boxes and furniture in the case of rain or snow. Make sure the moving crew has access to plenty of water and refreshments in cases of excessive heat. In order to keep everyone safe and protect your belongings from damage, it is important to be prepared for bad weather.