A Real Talk Guide For Backyard Remodeling

Dreaming of professional backyard remodeling? Let us help! Whether you’re looking for a complete pool and backyard renovation or just some tweaks, this guide, made by our professional builders, will help you make your backyard the ultimate hangout spot.

The First (And Most Important) Step: What’s Your Backyard Dream?

First up, let’s dream big (or small)! What’s your vibe for your pool replastering? How would you envision your backyard with the upgraded pool? What experience would you like to have every time you step outside to enjoy your new pool? Do you want to enhance the current settings of your backyard with a pool renovation or completely remodel it to a new design? Are there any other changes happening in your home right now that can complement your pool replastering project?

Once you get all the answers, you’ll gain a clear picture of your complete backyard renovation project in terms of time, budget, and complexity. We suggest you write those answers down and let them be your northern star in all of your following decisions so your project will stay in line and won’t cause you to waste time and money.

The Right Help: Finding Contractors Someone Local

Backyard Remodeling

Assuming you’re looking for a bit more than gardening, especially with a focus on swimming pool renovation, you’d probably need some help bringing those dreams to life. A quick search for “backyard renovation near me” can hook you up with local pros who specialize in swimming pool renovations and can make it a reality. We strongly recommend hiring local contractors familiar with swimming pool projects in your area, as they can suggest the best materials and designs that align with your surroundings and are experienced in yard renovations involving swimming pools.

Pool Talk: Making a Splash

Thinking about adding a pool? Great idea! But a pool is more than just a place to take a quick swim. it’s about creating the ultimate hangout spot for all seasons: sitting by the pool and doing some reading, maybe even working, or hosting some friends for a birthday party. To do so, we’d suggest decking it out with some comfy loungers, adding some mood lighting, and maybe even a slide for a bit of fun, both for adults and kids.

Green Thumb Fun: Jazzing Up Your Garden

Everyone loves plants! Mixing flowers and greens can turn your backyard into a little slice of nature. Throw in a veggie patch or some magical garden paths to step up your garden game. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, by the way. You can use the plants to complete the outdoor experience, not to steal the show.

Outdoor Chill Zone: Living It Up Outside

Your backyard can also be a place for social gatherings! From hosting yoga classes to throwing outdoor movie nights or sleepovers, your outdoor space can become an entertainment hotspot. Additionally, you can create the perfect spot for after-work hangouts with your family. Anything is possible when you have a tailor-made backyard plan and experienced contractors around you. And don’t forget to include some umbrellas and fans to ensure you stay cool and comfortable during the hotter days of the year.

Revamp Your Pool and Transform Your Backyard with Stunning Replastering

As you step out into your backyard, you will be greeted by a sparkling pool that has been beautifully replastered and sparkling in the sunlight. Pool replastering is not just about aesthetics. it also ensures the longevity of your pool and can enhance the overall value of your property. With a fresh layer of plaster, your pool will feel like new again, inviting you to create lasting memories with family and friends.

Pairing pool replastering with a backyard remodel can completely transform your outdoor space into a luxurious oasis. Consider adding new landscaping elements or updating the surrounding patio to complement the freshly plastered pool.

By incorporating elements such as seating areas, water features, or outdoor kitchens, you can create a seamless blend of relaxation and entertainment in your backyard retreat. Make your outdoor living space an extension of your home’s interior comfort and style by revamping it.

Creating a Backyard Blend of Hardscape and Landscape

Hardscape and landscape design are essential elements of creating a beautiful backyard. Hardscaping involves non-living components like pathways, patios, decks, and walls that add structure to the outdoor space. It provides functionality and defines different areas within the landscape. In contrast, landscaping includes living elements such as plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers that soften hardscape elements and add color and texture. Working with contractors can help bring these designs to life effectively.

Combining hardscaping and landscaping in a backyard can create a balanced and inviting outdoor oasis. The aesthetic appeal and functionality of outdoor living areas can be enhanced by incorporating features such as water fountains, fire pits, pergolas, and more to enhance their aesthetic appeal and functionality.

By blending your hardscape design with your landscape design you will be able to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living areas in your backyard, allowing you to personalize the area to suit your style preferences.

It’s Time To Make It Happen

Ready to make your backyard dream come true? Our experienced builders at Tumi Builders will be happy to help you make your backyard dream come true and execute the best backyard renovation possible. We will listen to your vision, break it into a tailor-made plan, and implement it with maximum efficiency and low costs.

Got any questions? At Tumi Builders, our professional builders would be happy to assist you with a 30-minute free consultation call in which we will discuss your specific needs and how we can make your pool and backyard renovations easy, fast, and cost-efficient. Our experienced contractors are here to help.

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