Avoiding the Problems of Redecorating an Old Home: A Guide

When you are redecorating an older home, it is likely that you will run into far more problems than if you were to decorate a new build. Not only will there be more wear and tear to combat, but it might be the case that your home does not co-operate well with modern tools and materials. If you are worried that redecorating your old home is going to be too taxing, here are some of the steps that you can take to avoid the main problems of redecorating an older home.

Carry Out a Survey

Before you even pick up your paintbrush, the first step that you should take is to carry out a survey of the house in question. This will help you to discover any issues that could get in the way of your projects. It could also allow you to find out about problems that could end up damaging your newly spruced-up home and forcing you to redecorate it yet again at an even greater cost. These problems could include loose tiles and roof leaks, which could lead to flooding. This means that you should inspect every corner of your older abode, or hire an external party to do so. Once you have carried out this survey, you will be able to know where you stand and can start to think up a plan to meet and overcome the sticking points that could hinder your redecoration as it goes along.

Get Rid of Damp and Mold

Getting rid of damp and mold is important, even though it is so regularly found in houses across the USA, especially in colder and wetter states. Damp and mold can lead to health issues for you and your family, as well as diminishing the appearance of your home. There is almost no point in giving your rooms a fresh lick of paint if mold is just going to worm its way back through your carefully thought-out décor. This means that you should consider using mold sprays or using a bleach and water solution that can disperse the mold from your rooms. To ensure that it stays away for good, which can be difficult to achieve in older homes, you should open your windows, use great dehumidifiers, prevent leaks, and check any second-hand items that you purchase for evidence of mold. This can ensure that you are able to keep your paintwork looking nice for longer.

Use Lining Paper

When you are redecorating an old home, you might have decided that you want a good wallpaper to be a part of your décor. However, you might be concerned that your wall surfaces are uneven, and this will prevent you from being able to lay wallpaper smoothly. If this is the case, you should consider investing in lining paper. Lining paper can eliminate any cracks and imperfections in aging walls that could prevent your wallpaper from offering you the stunning results you are looking for. If you are uncertain about using this primer for your walls, you should research when to use lining paper to see whether this is a necessity for your older home or whether it can help you.

Use Original Features

If you plan to redecorate an older home this year, rather than replacing every single aspect of it, keeping some of the original features can be cost-effective. This can also cause less mayhem and disruption and can mean that you do not get rid of beautiful and rare historic features that can add a classic look to your home and that could appeal to potential buyers in the future. For instance, you might decide to keep original flooring, state-of-the-art period fireplaces, and cornices that you might struggle to replace with modern alternatives, especially if they are still in relatively good condition.

When you are planning to redecorate an older home, you need to be aware of the many pitfalls that could occur that could bump up your costs and leave you unable to finish the project that you have in mind. However, no problem is insurmountable, and whether you need to hire a professional or just go about your redecoration in a slightly different way, it is possible to avoid and overcome potential issues once you have worked out what these could be. You might even decide to speak to other owners of older homes to find solutions and to get the support that you need with your project.