How to Draw Anime Head

Anime head drawing includes simple steps to achieve a unique style. Start with a circle as the basic shape of the head. Add a horizontal line halfway down to place the eyes. Draw the eyes as large, expressive shapes, and don’t forget the famous big, bright pupils. Keep the nose with a small curve, and the mouth can be a simple line or shape.

Outline the face, keeping it smooth and soft. Add hair by drawing basic hair and then refining the details. Anime hair often has distinct spikes or curves. Add ears on either side of the head, usually attached to the eyes and nose.

Remember to emphasize the expression with eyebrows and facial features. Practice and experiment with different styles to develop your own unique touch. This simple guide lays the foundation for anime head drawing, allowing you to explore and develop your artistic skills.

Basic Shape

Start with a circle for the head. This basic step establishes the basic shape of the anime head and serves as a starting point for further details and features. If you want to read manga then you can check manatoki which is a free manga reading website.

Start with a circle for the head

Start drawing the anime head by drawing a basic circle. This basic form serves as the initial framework, guiding the later stages of the artistic process.

Starting with a circle establishes the foundation of proportion and texture, providing a solid foundation for adding facial features, expressions and other details to develop a distinctive and appealing anime character.

Draw a horizontal line halfway down for eye placement

Draw a straight line down the middle of the circle to show where the eyes go. This line acts as a guide, helping you to place the eyes at the correct height.

This step ensures that the facial features, especially the eyes, are proportional and balanced on the anime head, creating a more realistic and pleasing appearance.

Position nose with a small curve below the line

Place the nose by drawing a slight curve under the line you drew. This small curve helps to set the nose in the right place on the face.

This is an easy step but important to make your anime character’s face look natural and in the right proportions.

Add a simple line or shape for the mouth

To draw the mouth, add a simple line or shape just below the nose. Keep it modest and in harmony with the rest of the facial features. This uncomplicated step contributes to the overall expression of your anime character.

Experiment with different mouth shapes to convey different emotions and personalities while adding depth to your artistic creations.


Draw eyes that are big and brilliant, with expressive eyes. An important way for anime characters to express their feelings is through their eyes.

Draw large, expressive eye shapes

Make the eyes big and expressive while drawing. Create shapes that express emotions, such as happiness, surprise or curiosity.

These large, expressive eyes are a distinctive feature in anime, bringing your character to life. Experiment with different eye shapes to give each character a unique personality, making them stand out

Include big, shiny pupils

To give a dynamic touch, make the pupils bigger and brighter. This small element makes your anime character’s eyes stand out, grabs the viewer’s attention, and conveys emotion effectively.

The sparkle gives the pupils a spark, making the eyes look charming and stunning. It’s a minor but important detail that adds to the overall visual appeal of your character.

Face Outline

Make the face’s outline smooth. By taking this easy step, you can define the shape and set the stage for adding features.

Create a smooth and gentle outline for the face

Create a soft and flowing outline for the face. This soft line creates structure, guides the definition of facial features and attractive appearance for your anime character.

The smooth contour adds a touch of grace while contributing to the overall aesthetic of the face.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs )

How do I start drawing anime heads?

Start with a simple circle as a base. It lays the foundation for facial features, helping to maintain proportion and balance in your anime character’s face.

What is important in creating expressive anime eyes?

Focus on creating large, expressive eyes with bright pupils. This adds emotion and life to your character, making them visually appealing.

Why is face outline important in anime drawing?

A contour outline defines the facial structure, guiding feature placement. This contributes to a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing appearance for your anime character.

How can I practice different anime hairstyles?

Start with the basic style, gradually add details. Experimenting with variations helps develop your skills and allows for the creation of unique and varied characters.

What is the role of facial guidelines in anime head drawing?

Guidelines, such as the horizontal line for the eyes, ensure proportional features. They help maintain harmony and balance in space, contributing to natural and realistic anime character portrayals.


Finally, mastering the art of anime head drawing involves a thoughtful and step-by-step approach. Start with a basic circle, which is the cornerstone of your character’s shape. Advances in facial guidelines, such as the horizontal line for eye placement, ensure proportional and balanced features. Creating large, expressive eyes with bright pupils adds depth and emotion to your character. The outline of the face, with smooth precision, shapes the overall structure, giving an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Remember to experiment with different hairstyles and expressions to develop your unique look.

Drawing anime heads is a journey of practice and refinement. Embrace the process of trial and error, allowing yourself the freedom to explore variations and discover what fits your artistic vision. Regular practice will improve your skills, and over time, you’ll develop an intuitive understanding of the nuances that make each anime character unique. So, embark on your artistic adventure, let your creativity flourish as you bring adorable anime characters to life on paper.