How to Program a Garage Door Opener

You just bought a garage door opener. You look down at it and realize you need to program it. Programming your garage door opener properly guarantees convenience and security. It will keep your valuables safe by ensuring the garage door is functional. While almost all garage doors come pre-programmed, you may still want to reprogram it. For example, maybe you lost or damaged the remote or bought a new one, and you need it to work with the opener. Let’s look at how to program a garage door opener.

Do You Need to Program Your Garage Door Opener?

Before you program your garage door opener, we would first like to highlight when it makes sense to program it. Some of the reasons to program garage door opener include:

  • Remote no longer responding
  • Garage door getting stuck
  • Inconsistent operations
  • You believe someone tried to enter your home

You may want to program a garage door opener if you see the signs above. Sometimes issues with the opener may indicate a larger problem with your garage door. For example, if the garage door won’t open even if you press the wall control, it may mean that the opener is damaged.

Step 1: Check the Brand

Programming a garage door can be deceptively simple, but how you program the opener may differ slightly from one brand to the next. First, check that the remote comes from the same brand as the opener. Remotes from another brand won’t work because they operate on different frequencies depending on the brand and may require unique steps.

Step 2: Find the LEARN Button

Next, look for the LEARN button on your remote. In many cases, you will see this button above the antenna wire hanging over the motorhead. If not there, check under the light cover. They may even put the button inside the cover. Check the owner’s manual if you still can’t find it. Push the button until you see it flash.

Step 3: Push OPEN on the Remote

After you push the LEARN button, you will push the OPEN button on the remote. You want to do this fast because they usually only give you 30 seconds after you push the LEARN button to push the OPEN button.

Step 4: Try the Garage Door Opener

Once you push the OPEN button, it takes about one minute for the remote to finish setting up. After you set it up, you need to push the OPEN button again on the remote. This will lift the garage door if you pair the door successfully with your remote. Try it a few times to see that it truly works.


If you follow the simple steps above, your garage door opener should open provided nothing prevents it from opening. Speak with a garage door company if you still can’t open your garage door. Knowing how to program a garage door opener is fine, but you should never try to work on a garage door yourself because it requires the expertise of a specialist.