Jason Nash House: Inside His Cozy Studio City Home

Jason Nash is a comedian and YouTube personality best known for his popular Vine channel. He frequently appears in David Dobrik’s vlogs and has also been featured in several films. Recently, Nash purchased a charming home in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles. Let’s take a closer look at Jason Nash’s house.

Jason Nash’s new home, built in 1940, was purchased for $1.33 million. Although the house is not exceptionally large, it boasts beautiful views of the San Fernando Valley. The home has undergone renovations and spans 1,409 square feet, featuring two bedrooms and three bathrooms. This cozy residence is perfect for Nash and his two children, as it offers a comfortable living space while keeping him close to his LA friends and coworkers.


Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 3

Square Feet: 1,409 sqft

Price: $1.33 Million

Address: Laurelwood Dr, Studio City, CA 91604

Net Worth: $2 Million

Specification Details
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 3
Square Feet 1,409 sqft
Price $1.33 Million
Address Laurelwood Dr, Studio City, CA 91604
Net Worth $2 Million
Special Features
  • An updated kitchen
  • A family room
  • A bonus room/office with a separate entrance
  • Tiled patio
  • Lower decking for additional living space
  • Terraced backyard with fruit trees

The house includes several appealing features, such as:

  • An updated kitchen
  • A family room
  • A bonus room/office with a separate entrance

The property also boasts a tiled patio, lower decking for additional living space, and a terraced backyard with fruit trees, making it an ideal space for both relaxation and entertaining guests. The home was previously sold for $950,000 four years ago and was listed for $1.375 million before Nash acquired it.

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Real estate agents Michelle Lally and Jesse Lally of Hilton & Hyland were the listing agents for the property, while Karen Medved of Compass represented Nash in the purchase. This home purchase marks a significant milestone in Jason Nash’s life, highlighting his successful career and growing presence in the entertainment industry.

Jason Nash’s Career

Nash gained initial popularity on Vine, a platform where he showcased his comedic talent. Following Vine’s closure, he successfully transitioned to YouTube, amassing nearly 2.5 million subscribers on his channel. In addition to his internet fame, Nash is known for his work on the film comedy “FML,” which he co-wrote, directed, and appeared in alongside Busy Philipps.