Save hand-carved pieces of the furniture market!

Today, in the wooden furniture market, machine-carved furniture gradually prevailed, and hand-carved furniture is gradually forgotten. Oh my goodness! This is simply a pity! I have long been a fan and advocate of hand carving. Let me tell you the advantages of hand carving over machine carving!

Mass-produced machine-carved works can only be said to be “commodities”. In the factory assembly line production mode, the production process of each piece of furniture is more or less the same. They are in accordance with a fixed template mass production, from computer drawing to mechanical carving, and then finally by hand polishing and processing to the market.

The works born under the hands of the master sculptors can be considered “works of art”. Possessing a wealth of carving skills, they utilize pneumatic engravers to present their designs and ideas on wood. As a result, their carvings are not mass-produced and come from the same craftsman from start to finish. Because the production time, process, and difficulty are directly corresponding to the cost, they make a piece of furniture to be able to get the appreciation of consumers, so as to earn a profit before making the next piece of furniture. Therefore, carved out of mahogany furniture are condensed with craftsmen’s thoughts, efforts, and emotions.

Undeniably, machine carving will not only become a newcomer to the mahogany furniture market but also prompt the industry to quickly outcompete the fittest. This is destined to make some crude and simple hand-carved furniture, and by the production of beautiful machine-carved furniture replaced, continue to occupy the low-end market.

To survive in the tide of machine carving, it must be the best hand-carved product. From style to workmanship, as the top luxury products generally reflect the unsurpassed manual technology, will gradually occupy the most high-end market of mahogany furniture, and get the love of experts and collectors.

With the deepening of people’s understanding of mahogany furniture and furniture quality requirements, pure hand-carved technology will become a representative of the taste of mahogany furniture, a shining business card, highlighting its unique artistic value.