Some Of The Best Underground Houses Where You Can Live In

Having a luxury house on top of the ground is common but have you ever seen an underground house? This is very exciting to even think of such Underground Homes but to our surprise, such homes are not limited to movies and fictional series rather there are luxury underground homes present in reality which is great.

Having an Underground House is more than just a luxurious home rather it is the most innovative kind of home that one can ever have. You would be amazed that there are some benefits to having underground homes.

The underground home would be great if you live in a very hot area as the soil would keep your home cool so Underground Houses become relaxing in summertime. On the other hand, an underground house would allow you to use the land that is above the home which is a great thing for sure.

Underground homes look more like a cave or a secret home so even your kids would love such kind of homes and would enjoy being there at the same time. If you are wondering about some of the best Underground House Designs then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out:


Underground Hobbiton Houses

This underground home is situated at Matamata that comes under New Zealand and this is exactly like the fairy tale home that we have seen in cartoons or such series. You would be amazed to know that this home is so beautiful that even the movie Lord of the ring was documented in this place.

This home was specially constructed for the movie however even after the movie was made the home is still there in the village and now this spot is a major tourist attraction of the Village Matamata. The cave-like home and green grass field over the house make this place attractive and the homes look kind of industrial at the same time.

Domus Civita

Underground Domus Civita HousesUnderground Domus Civita Houses

This is a 14th century home and this has the ideology of the cave homes and the best part is that this home is even created on top of the Etruscan cave and there is a waterway inside the home. Though this is an old construction but the design and luxury of the home is not less than any modern-styled apartment but having such home is beyond imagination and to live in such home you have to be in forest and mountain region that would have caved.

The best part about this house has to be the addition of water on the floor and this seems like a waterway home that is too beautiful. It is said that this home is about 2000 years old and now no one stays here in this home but this home can be used as a water park. If you would be in this home you would be able to live close to nature and the overall feeling of living an underground home is fabulous.

Hillside Home

Underground Hillside HomeUnderground Hillside Home

This home is located at Vals that comes under Switzerland and this home has been created with innovation and this one of the most beautiful homes that are present in Switzerland. This home looks like a reverse mountain so instead of climbing up you would have to climb down to reach the opening of the home.

This home is situated into a round opening and there are stairs created as well that you would have to use to get into the home. This home is also famously known as villa Vals and this home is just a few minutes away from the thermal bath of that area. This is a very beautiful home and if the ceiling of the home would be closed then it would become difficult for one to even tell if there is any home at that place.

The interior of the home is also very elegant and a touch of modern designs can be seen in this home which is a great thing for sure.

Dune House

Underground Dune HouseUnderground Dune House

This home is situated at the Atlantic Beach and if you would casually look at the place then you would never be able to tell if there is a home of not. This is a small home and can be used as a holiday home and you can live at this place while you would be on a holiday to Atlantic Beach.

There is a huge grass field just above the house and there is a small opening at the center of the field. You have to follow the opening to reach the home and if you would walk straight then you would be able to reach to the room of this house which is a great thing.

This home has a modern interior and the beautiful exterior and together they made this home look a top-notch underground home. This home was built in the year 1975 and William Morgan deserves to be praised for such a beautiful underground home.

Outrace House

Underground Outrace HouseUnderground Outrace House

This beautiful home is constructed in Poland and this is a modern house with modern house designs as well as, interior. Here this home is constructed under the ground and there is green grass field just above the home and there is stair constructed that would lead you to the house.

The interior of the home is very classy and there is a glass door as well as walls in the home which makes the home elegant. This home is perfect for someone who loves greenery around is concerned about privacy at the same time.

Sala Silver Mine

Sala Silver MineSala Silver Mine

This beautiful home is created in Sweden and this is an old cave with the modern thing inside it. This home is small though there are galleries around the home and this is a mine cave in the reality but the interior of the home has been decorated so beautifully that you would fall in love with this house. There you would get modern lights, sofa set and other such things inside the home.

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