The Positive Effects Of Removable Wallpaper In Selling Real Estate


When we enter a room, the first thing we will pay attention to will be the visual aesthetic and if the space feels welcoming. While the visual factor is strongly important to make a home more appealing to potential new home owners, the visual aesthetic is important in the corporate world as well. While we spend a large portion of time everyday in the office or any other work space, we want to feel inspired and motivated there to be effective and productive in our work and feel happy. An effective way to make a space feel more welcoming and even luxurious with an eye-catching feature is to use removable wallpaper. Here will be some of the positive effects in using wallpaper to gain a new selling point and increase the value of real estate space.

Welcoming And Memorable Residential Property Aesthetic

As in most cases, when we enter a room, the first thing we would notice would be the walls, and applying wallpaper can give a home interior a welcoming and warm character to attract more interest from potential buyers. Whether it is a home by the beach and a more coastal theme wallpaper could set the moods for an airy and warm interior, or you are looking to give the interior a chic and modern look with timeless black and white wallpaper patterns, removable wallpaper can give an eye-catching feature in the interior to remember.

Adds A Luxurious Touch To A Residential Property

Furthermore, if you are looking to increase the value of a residential property by giving the interior a fresh make-over without any furniture or decor, adding removable wallpaper is a fast and effective option that can give a luxurious touch by adding modern patterns in a charming color palette. For example, a luxurious tiled bathroom can create an expensive look, but an easier and faster way to achieve a dazzling bathroom interior is by using tiled removable wallpaper. Moreover, removable wallpaper as the floral wallpaper – Hazelnut Color Botanical Wildflower Removable Wallpaper from the Bedroom Wallpaper collection seen in the bedroom interior photo above can give a beautiful and inviting wallcovering look that can give the needed effect to attract potential buyers and increase the residential properties value and be easy to replace as an option to the future homeowners as removable wallpaper can be easily removed panel by panel.

Additional Selling Angle To A Commercial Space

Stand out from other commercial properties available with an original touch such as the wow factor ceiling feature that Hammer And Harmony have done in the stunning office design in the photo above with the London Metro Lines Removable Wallpaper In Black And Off White from Livette’s Wallpaper. A feature such as a wallpapered ceiling can definitely make an impression from the first moment of entering the space and create another selling angle to the property. As we want to feel inspired and motivated at work every day, a chic and unique feature with modern removable wallpaper can create a more welcoming and engaging vibe than plain walls and increase a more joyful and stimulating atmosphere for a productive work day, therefore, attracting more interest to the property from future renters or buyers. For more inspiring office wallpaper looks visit the Office Wallpaper collection.

Engaging Feature To A Commercial Property

Removable wallpaper can create a stand out design by creating a modern everyday environment that feels welcoming to spend time in. Design wallpaper can create an eye-catching wow factor entryway, reception or any other area that can help to attract future clients in a commercial space such as Cafe’s, shops, health and beauty facilities, boutique hotels and more. Therefore, removable wallpaper can build the value and create another selling point to future commercial space buyers or renters that are looking for a created space for business that attracts traffic and interest with an interesting and engaging design. And as commercial spaces in most cases are rented or sold empty, creating a chic wall coverage can be the key to design an interesting and memorable real estate property.

As with food, when we first eat it with our eyes to see how appetizing it looks, when we enter a potential home or commercial property, the visual aesthetic will make the first impression and determine the further interest. Therefore, installing removable wallpaper can be an effective and helpful tool to set the mood and create a welcoming, chic and luxurious look in any interior especially in an empty real estate property where all we can look at are walls, the ceiling and floors. And as mentioned above, wallpaper can not only add a pop of inspiring pattern and color combination to the walls but the ceiling as well.