Things to Consider Before Working with Brooklyn TV Mounting

TV mounting is the process of securely attaching a television set to a wall, freeing up space and offering optimal viewing angles. It involves selecting the right mount, deciding on the ideal location, and drilling holes in the wall for the mount and to hide cables. The complexity of accurately positioning the television, ensuring sturdy installation, and maintaining a clean aesthetic with hidden cables often necessitates the expertise of professionals. Hiring professionals ensures an efficient, safe, and flawless installation, eliminating the risk of improper installation and potential damage to the television or the wall.

Choosing the Right Location for TV Mounting Before Hiring Brooklyn TV Mounting

Choosing the right location for mounting your TV plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the best viewing experience. The location should be based on factors like room layout, light sources, viewing angles, and the seating arrangement. Avoid installing the TV opposite bright light sources to minimize glare on the screen.

Living Room TV Mounting

Mounting a TV in the living room requires a careful balance between aesthetic appeal and practicality. The television should be positioned at a height where the middle of the screen is at eye level when seated. Typically, this is approximately 42 inches above the floor but may vary based on the furniture and individual preferences. Corner mounts can be a good solution for living rooms with limited wall space or irregular layouts, while articulating mounts allow for versatile positioning and better control over viewing angles.

Bedroom TV Mounting

Bedroom TV installation necessitates careful consideration of the viewing experience, as it often differs from that of the living room. In a bedroom setting, viewers are typically lying down, thus the television needs to be mounted higher than in a living room scenario. Around 48 inches from the floor to the center of the screen is usually appropriate. It’s also vital to consider the distance from the bed to the TV, aiming for a comfortable viewing angle to prevent neck strain. Opting for a tilting or full-motion mount can offer the flexibility to adjust the screen for optimal comfort and viewing pleasure. Just like in the living room, cable management is key to maintaining a clean, clutter-free aesthetic. Professionals like Brooklyn TV Mounting can expertly hide cables within the wall or with the use of discreet cable covers.

Home Theater TV Mounting

When it comes to home theater setups, the positioning of the TV is paramount to achieving the ultimate cinematic experience. The TV should be mounted at a height that aligns with the viewer’s eye level when seated, typically around 36 inches from the floor to the center of the screen. This may vary depending on the viewing distance and the height of the theater seating. Given the immersive nature of home theater setups, a larger screen is often preferred, which may necessitate a more robust mount to securely support the weight. Full-motion or tilting mounts can offer the flexibility to adjust viewing angles, accommodating different seating positions and maximizing viewing comfort.

Considerations Before Hiring Brooklyn TV Mounting

Working with Brooklyn TV Mounting can ensure that your television is securely and correctly installed, enhancing your viewing experience and ensuring safety. Before hiring professionals for TV mounting, consider the following important considerations.


Budget is a significant consideration when planning for professional TV mounting. Costs can vary depending on the complexity of the installation, the type of mount, the size of the TV, and whether cable concealment is required. In general, the more complex the installation, the higher the cost. It’s always sensible to request a quote in advance to ensure the service fits within your budget.

TV Size and Weight

The size and weight of your television are critical factors to consider when planning for a wall mounting service. Larger, heavier TVs require more robust mounts and additional reinforcement to support their weight. Ensure to check the specifications of the mount and your wall’s load-bearing capacity to avoid any potential damage or safety issues. When hiring professionals, they will account for these factors, choosing the appropriate mount and installation methods to handle your TV’s dimensions and weight securely and safely.

TV Type and Compatibility

The type of your television and its compatibility with different mounts is another important factor to consider in the mounting process. Different TV models, such as LCD, LED, Plasma, or OLED, may require specific types of wall mounts. Additionally, the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) specifications of your TV, which indicate the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the television, should align with the mount selection. This ensures that the mount and TV fit together perfectly.

Wall Type and Location

The type of wall and the specific location where the TV will be mounted are crucial factors in the mounting process. Different wall materials, such as drywall, plaster, brick, or concrete, can impact the type of hardware and mounting method needed. For instance, drywall may require the use of studs for additional support, while concrete walls may necessitate specific drill bits and anchors. The location should also provide enough space for the size of the TV and should be free of obstructions like windows, doors, home decor, or utilities like power outlets and switches.

Mount Type

The type of mount you choose greatly influences the degree of flexibility and angle of viewing that your TV setup provides. There are generally three types: flat, tilting, and full-motion mounts.

Experience and Expertise

Experience and expertise are indispensable considerations when hiring professionals for TV mounting. Ensure the service provider has significant experience in handling different types of TVs, wall materials, and mount types. A seasoned professional will be able to advise you on the optimal placement and height for your TV, the best type of mount for your needs, and how to ensure the installation is safe and secure.

Warranty and Guarantees

Warranties and guarantees offered by Brooklyn TV Mounting are valuable considerations when hiring TV mounting professionals. These assurances provide peace of mind that any work carried out will be completed to a high standard and that any faults or issues arising from the installation will be addressed at no additional cost.

Taking these considerations into account will help you hire the right TV mounting professionals for your needs, ensuring a successful and hassle-free installation process.