Tips for Choosing the Perfect Farmhouse Decor for Your Home


To incorporate farmhouse decor into your home, start with neutral paint colors. Light beige, cream, and grays are ideal. These colors will create a relaxing, cozy, and inviting, uniquely farmhouse space.

Greenery is another popular choice for farmhouse décor. Adding plants like succulents and fiddle-leaf figs to your home will give it a natural feel.


Beadboard is one of the most classic farmhouse decor options. It comes in various colors, but neutral shades are typically the best to complement other design elements. Light creams and grays amplify natural light in the room and provide a clean backdrop for accent colors.

Painting wood is another common feature in farmhouse decor. It’s common to see an apron-front sink, a painted white coffee table, or a lavender armoire displaying family heirlooms.

If you’re looking for something more modern, add some exposed brick to your home. It’s easy to get that farmhouse look without making the entire house feel rustic. Exposed masonry can also give the space a modern edge, especially when combined with light wooden furniture and contrasting black accents. Just keep the rest of the room simple so the raw texture doesn’t overwhelm the space.


A shiplap wall is an essential farmhouse decor option. Shiplap will surely add character to any space, whether you paint it white for a classic look or dark stain it for a contemporary appeal. The gaps between each plank also provide a rustic charm that further ties in with the farmhouse style.

A reclaimed barn door, a galvanized metal window, or even some distressed wood accent furniture all provide the perfect farmhouse touch to any room. You can find rustic wood and barn fixtures at a thrift store or rummage sale for an inexpensive option.

Whether you’re looking to decorate a bedroom, bathroom, or mudroom, a barn door and simple shiplap wall are great ways to add a little farmhouse flair to any space. A simple wooden mudroom bench with plenty of storage is another affordable and easy-to-build addition. This piece is the perfect spot to stash a few baskets of throw blankets and miscellaneous accessories, too!

Distressed Wood

Farmhouse decor with a distressed finish is a classic addition to any room. You can create this look by applying a coat of weathered paint lightly rubbed down with steel wool or another rough surface or by sanding raw wood to expose the natural grain and texture. This technique also works on existing furniture pieces that you can update with a fresh new finish.

Whether painted in a cheery white or worn with a neutral shade, wooden cabinets offer plenty of visual appeal in a farmhouse kitchen. Consider keeping your cabinet doors open to showcase a collection of vintage plates or glassware.

Hanging mason jars on wooden shelves is a decorative and functional way to add rustic charm to your living space. You can display them as-is or add a personal touch by painting them with chalk paint or wrapping them in jute twine or lace. You can even incorporate repurposed farmhouse tools, such as an antique rake or pitchfork, to showcase your personality and style.

Galvanized Metal

Galvanized metal is a great option for country decorating. You can find it in new and shiny pieces, as well as those with a rusted patina. The galvanized metal is typically steel and has been coated in zinc to help it resist corrosion.

Small galvanized buckets can make cute planters look good on a counter, holding kitchen items or craft supplies for kids. You can also use a more oversized galvanized tub with planks of wood and a cushion for an old-fashioned-looking seating area on your porch or deck.

Corrugated galvanized metal looks excellent framed with a vintage map or painted with a message like this “Farm Fresh”. Mount it in your entryway to welcome visitors with a charming touch.