Transform Your Home: A Guide to Upgrading Your Home With Modern and Stylish Features

In a modern world that is constantly evolving, our homes are far more than just shelters. They are spaces in which we express our style and creativity, and they are places where we can simply be ourselves and feel comfort. Each year, our living spaces will age and begin to show their wear, and it can become more and more apparent that we need to modernize or simply just refresh our homes. With modern features comes style and a bolstered property value, in many cases. You may want to consider modernizing and adding a bit of style to your home by enhancing your entryway, for example, or installing a brand new cooling system that is as innovative as it is sleek.

We’ve put together a guide that we hope covers a stack of ways in which you can rejuvenate the spaces in your home. From the latest in cooling technology to sophisticated entryway solutions, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the range of ways that you can introduce modern, stylish features to your home.

Ductless Air Conditioning: A Smart and Energy-Efficient Way to Cool Your Home

Conventional central air conditioning systems come with their fair share of negative features, from clunky and expensive installation processes to energy inefficiency once they’re up and running. Ductless air conditioning offers an easy solution, circumventing the added hassle of creating ductwork in your home by offering the ability to put a unit wherever it’s needed. How it works is pretty simple. Just like a central air conditioning system, ductless air conditioning systems use an outdoor unit to pump refrigerant to an indoor unit. This indoor unit is then responsible for transferring the heat from inside you home to the outside. The indoor units can work singly or be multi-split so you can transfer conditioned air to more than a single place in your home.

Precision Cooling: The Problem with many window air conditioners is that you simply can’t cool an open and large space. With a ductless air conditioning system, you can cool specific rooms or even zones, using the system’s precise temperature control

Energy Savings: Smart technology doesn’t just permeate your thermostats. While systems range in energy efficiency ratings, many feature an “energy-saving” mode that can reduce power consumption by 10 – 30 percent, depending on the model.

Size of Space: The size and cooling capacity of the ductless system must fit your specific needs, similar to a central air conditioning system. A qualified installer must assess your home’s needs to determine the right-size system.

Kitchen Cabinets and Remodeling: How to Choose the Right Design & Materials

Do you agree that the kitchen serves as the heart of the home? A place to gather with family and friends to share a good meal, and create new memories. Embarking on a new kitchen cabinets and remodeling plan is a big decision, making the choices that lie ahead essential. Here are a few options to consider when choosing the design and materials for the space you’ll love for years to come.

The style and materials of construction, like the rest of your home, should reflect the character of you and your family. Cabinets offer the most flexibility in seeing that your kitchen not only functions but pleases you aesthetically as well. Begin by evaluating the needs and desires that you have for how your new kitchen will function, and how you want it to fit into your personal life style.There are many types of cabinets that will fit most budgets.Three basic types are custom, semi-custom and stock cabinets. Begin your search by analyzing the three determining factors of quality, budget, and design options.

Materials are another area to examine; your choices can provide the type of look and maintenance schedule that best fit your life style and personality. Wood, laminate or metal are the three primary choices. Each material offers an array of style and color options. Several finishing choices are available, from unfinished to factory finishes. Keep in mind that unfinished units will require some work on your behalf, so you may want to employ a professional contractor for this part of the work. Industry standard warranties or lifetime warranties are sometimes available; this will vary based on the material you choose.

Custom Iron Screen Doors: How to Add Security/Elegance to Your Entryway

Your home’s entryway is the first thing guests see when they arrive, setting the mood for the rest of your home. It’s also the place you welcome friends and family, and the spot your home needs to be most secure. But you also want your entryway to look beautiful; custom iron screen doors unite this need for strength and elegance and add both curb appeal and function to your space.

Select a custom iron screen doors that both strengthens the look of your home and provides a number of functions as it keeps intruders out. To complement your home’s architecture, consider design, size and finish, and work with a reputable manufacturer or the designer of your dreams who’s intent to bring your personality and style to life. Made-to-measure doors require professional installation so that they fit perfectly, work flawlessly and give you and your guests peace of mind.

More Home Improvement Ideas: From Lighting to Flooring

Streamline Your Space With Modern, Energy-Efficient Lighting Fixtures.There are many ways to breathe new life into your living space beyond major renovations. Swapping out your old lighting fixtures, for instance, will not only help modernize your home, but also make it potentially more “green” thanks to new energy-efficient models. Explore LED recessed lights, which can be both an effective and subtle choice, while pendant lamps come in a stunning array of shapes and sizes and can provide useful illumination, great for your kitchen or dining room. Meanwhile, whether or not it’s time to update for the new decade, statement chandeliers can give a room the kind of character and style that instantly modernizes. Keep Things Functional, Stylish, and Warm With Hard Floors.While it’s true that hardwoods can warm up a room, they actually are some of the coolest most modern materials you can have underfoot, alongside laminate and luxury vinyl plank flooring.These types of hard flooring are not only stylish and incredibly durable, today’s options are a lot more water-resistant, they come in a wide range of colors and styles” giving you a highly functional and very versatile way to modernize your floor space. Play with Color, Pattern, and Texture to Make Your Home Inviting.