What are the types of commercial LED lights?

Lighting is a critical component of any commercial space, and choosing the right lighting solution is essential to creating a comfortable and productive environment for employees and customers. Several different types of commercial LED lights are available today, each light designed to meet specific lighting needs and applications.

Commercial LED Lighting

Is being extensively used in a multitude of commercial environments such as warehouses, offices, workshops, etc. Those type of places need to be well illuminated; on Hyperlite we can give you the best options.

Reasons to choose commercial LED lights

LED lights have revolutionized the lighting industry with numerous advantages over traditional lighting options like incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Here are some reasons why LED lights have become so popular:

Energy savings: LEDs are the best option to save energy, compared to traditional lighting, LEDs are better for the business.

Eco-friendly: LEDs produce less greenhouse gas emission.

Safer: LEDs lights emit less heat than other traditional lights.

Versatile: Suitable for different scenarios.

Compatible: LEDs are compatible with modern lighting control systems, optimizing the energy use.

Just to have in mind, LED lights last 25000 or 50000 hours, or even more! This is significantly longer than traditional lights.

Different types of LED lights for every application

UFO LED high bay lights

LED high bay lights are commonly used in big spaces, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities. They provide bright and uniform lighting that covers a large area while less energy than traditional options.

On Hyperlite you can find different options, come to our website and give them a look, we have dimmable lights, light that can use a motion sensor, etc.

LED Linear High Bay

These types of lights are the most recommended lights for warehouses. On Hyperlite we have two different types of Linear LED Lights, we have our Will Series and our Ray Series, both of them with a five years warranty.

LED Vapor Tight Light

Vapor proof light fixtures are a type of light designed to be impermeable to water vapor, dust, and other airborne contaminants. These fixtures are commonly used in environments with high humidity levels such as barns, walk-in-coolers, parking garages, and areas that are close to water. The fixture is designed with material that’s resistant to water and corrosion.

LED Canopy Lights

LED canopy lights for gas stations, loading docks, and underpasses help increase security in outdoor areas. They’re typically available in square and round shapes, offering heightened visibility to anyone underneath them.

LED Work Light

LED work lights are portable lights that are especially created to temporarily brighten the working space at a residential property or a commercial or industrial workplace and utilize LED technology as a source of illumination.

LED grow light

LED grow lights are energy-efficient lights used by indoor and greenhouse farmers. Used as either a sole light source(indoor) or supplementary(greenhouse), LEDs help plants grow using full-spectrum lighting at a lower cost than traditional lamps.

Hexagon LED Light

Designed specifically for indoor use, Hexagonal LED light offers exceptional durability and reliability, making it an excellent choice for various indoor environments.

Light with Photocell

They are ideal for walkways, porches and all outdoor lighting applications where safety and security at night are critical.

LED Parking lot lights.

Designed for outdoor use in commercial and public spaces such as parking lots, walkways. These commercial LED light fixtures provide concentrated, uniform illumination to ensure safety and visibility in outdoor areas during nighttime hours.

LED Wall Pack lights.

Wall pack lights are lights that are fixed to a building’s exterior and they are normally on al wall that faces outwards from a building, these lights help to create visibility outdoor areas and spaces.

LED Flood light

Outdoor LED flood lighting is a term used to describe the exterior lighting that is commonly mounted on buildings or poles to provide directional illumination to a variety of space types.

Hyperlite LED lights provide energy economy, long durability and a fashionable ambiance. We have different types of LED lights at a very nice price! Check our products on our web page and let us improve your workplace and reduce your electricity bills.