Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Electric Stove with a Gas One

Your electric stove is on its last legs. Should you go ahead and get a new one or should you swap it out for a gas stove? There are a lot of reasons why you should, but before you go ahead and look up a gas piping installer, let’s go over those reasons.

You Can Save Money in the Long Run

Gas is cheaper to use than electricity. Gas stoves are also more durable than electric ones, since there are fewer moving parts. As a result, even though you might pay more initially to get a gas stove, you will quickly have it even out.  It depends if you need to have gas piping installed for the stove or if it’s already there. You’ll save money if the piping is already there.

You Can Use the Stove Right Away

Have you wanted to heat up some water and had to wait for the coil on your electric stove to get hot? That can be time-consuming. With a gas stove, you get the flame on right away, which means that you can start cooking a lot faster. Also, when you turn off a gas stove, it’s off. You have to wait for the electric stove to cool down, which can be dangerous if you have children or pets who might want to touch it before it’s reached that point.

You Can Control The Temperature a Lot Better

When you go to a restaurant, you’re going to see the people in the kitchen working with gas stoves. That’s because they can control the temperature a lot better. As a result, their food consistently comes out better than if they used an electric stove. You can see the same results at home – a subtle click of the knob will change the intensity of the flame.

The flame can give you a more consistent result. An electric stove might give you a perfect steak one day and then burn it to a crisp the next day, even though you use the same setting. That doesn’t happen as much with a gas one.

 You Have More Variety in Cooking Methods

If you’re using a gas stove, you can do things like char some food. You can’t do that with an electric stove. Also, electric stoves are very unforgiving when it comes to cookware. If you have any uneven cookware, they are not going to cook things the way that you want to. Gas stoves are better at that sort of thing.

It’s Easier to Clean

This part is for the stoves that have grates on them. Some electric stoves are perfectly flat, which have their own cooking issues, but this is for other types. When you’re finished with your gas stove, you turn it off, remove the grate and then clean around the burners. It’s good to have a paintbrush to get rid of the crumbs. The grates for electric stoves are more cumbersome, which can mean a lot more effort is expended.

It’s Just More Fun to Cook Over Open Flame

There’s just something about standing at a stove with an open flame, set right at the perfect level. You can watch the flames dance under the cookware and see the results happening right there in front of you. With a quick flick of the wrist, you can raise or lower the intensity of the flame. It’s just a lot more visually appealing than just adjusting an electric knob.

There are other things to consider. You can’t use an electric stove during a power outage, for example. Gas stoves could be considered a bit more harmful for the environment.

The decision really comes down to your own preferences and your budget. A lot of places offer financing, so you could pay off your gas stove over time without taking too large of a financial hit.  Talk with experts, look at your home, and then make the best decision for you and your family. All of your stomachs will enjoy the results.